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TPS Station Setup

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LISTECH's range of innovative hardware and software products are designed specifically for the professional surveyor and engineer.

 Neo Geospatial
LISTECH Neo Geospatial SoftwareLISTECH Neo is new generation geospatial software, offering exciting functionality with increased productivity and ease of use.

Neo offers the ability to tailor attributes to suit client needs. Defining attributes with Neo is easy or you can create them automatically simply by importing from another system.

Neo features include geodetically rigorous coordinate geometry (COGO) computations, field survey processing via an integrated measurement database, terrain modelling and contour creation and data exchange with a wide variety survey, engineering, CAD, BIM and GIS systems.

Neo makes productive use of images from imaging total stations by creating points, lines and polygons directly from the images. This helps avoid unnecessary field revisits and is useful for façade surveys, asset inspections and surveys with time or safety constraints.

Neo’s integrated 3D/2D environment, user definable attributing, data creation, editing and exchange capability mean you can deliver product tailored exactly to varying client needs.

 LISCAD For Field & Office
LISCAD Surveying & Engineering SoftwareLISCAD is a complete field-to-finish system used by 1000's of customers in over 100 countries. LISCAD interfaces with all popular surveying, engineering, GIS and CAD systems. New users find LISCAD intuitive, easy to use and quick to learn, with comprehensive tutorials and fast technical support. FREE evaluation licences allow real-world use before purchasing.

LISCAD is a portfolio of integrated Land Surveying and Civil Engineering software modules. The modular design means you only purchase the functionality you require, keeping costs down.

Features include rigorous geodetic computations, unlimited model size, traverse and least squares network adjustment, 3D/2D transformations, volume computations, geo-referenced background images, 3D Visualisation, profiles, impressive engineering design capability for easy generation of virtually any design, Survey Live for real-time surveying and set-out with total station or GNSS equipment and Point Cloud for importing, viewing, editing and digitisation of point cloud data.

 TPS Station Setup
TPS Station Setup is a flexible setup and orientation application designed for the TPS1000 and TPS1100 series total stations. This onboard application is provided FREE of charge and is fully compatible with LISCAD as well as many other software packages.

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